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Hi. My name is Miles.

Freelance illustrator and printmaker operating out of Toronto, Canada. Specializing in the design-to-creation of emotionally-charged imagery and expressive screen-printed posters which lend themselves to applications in the advertising, apparel, craft, entertainment, fashion, fine art, publishing, and sport industries.

Here's What I Do.

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Gig Poster : The Black Keys (Turn Blue World Tour / Canada 2014)

The Black Keys are a rock and roll group hailing from Akron, Ohio. As of this writing, they are 8 albums and 13 years into their career, with the moody, psychedelic and soul-influenced Turn Blue being their most recent release. I think that of their records, it has the most consistent tone and the best...

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Gig Poster : Nine Inch Nails [with Soundgarden and Oneohtrix Point Never]

Nine Inch Nails is the project of musician Trent Reznor. Occupying a liminal position in the evolution of industrial rock, the band is one of the most enduringly popular acts of the 21st century with a sound that has grown to incorporate a vast array of genres and conventions over its 26-year career. Few discographies...

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Gig Posters : Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age are a band hailing from Palm Desert, California known for their eminent blend of crunchy groove and hard rock, as well as their incredibly tight live performances. They are one of the most respected rock bands on the planet and as such, it was a massive honour and surprise to...

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Gig Poster : Primus

Primus is a rock band fronted by Les Claypool. One might call the group’s sound an irreverent take on bass-fronted jam rock set against a backdrop of other influences ranging from Frank Zappa to Rush. Their first album Fizzle Fry has been making me laugh since high school, so it was a crazy honour and...

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Apparel & Textiles

Apprenticed in the apparel industry. Able to take direction and understand urgency, bringing hands-on manufacturing experience to the design process.
Hit me up.

Design & Illustration

In command of a distinguished but highly flexible style, able to set your b(r)and apart, tell a story, or leave a lasting impression.Drop me a line.

Posters & Prints

Work inspired by the idea that sound art helps us to immortalize important moments in time. Hand-crafted posters represent a tangible way to honour an event or idea that's worth more than just remembering.Do it to it.