Frequently-Asked Questions

Do you sell your originals, drawings, and/or sketches?
I don't very often but if you are set upon purchasing a specific original, you may email me to inquire on its availability.

Are you accepting commissions?
Occasionally as my interest and availability allow. Please contact me to inquire + reserve availability.

Can you design a tattoo for me?
I prefer not to. Tattooing is a craft and an art form unto itself, so I feel that requests like this are best sent to artists that specialize in the field.

Do you make prints-to-order (can you print one-offs or requests)?
No. Most of the illustrations I do are for bands that only permit the design to exist as a limited poster for which I was commissioned. Anything I have publicly available for purchase can be found in the Shop section of this website.

When do things go on sale?
Almost everything is done on a freelance basis, so it's very random. Sign up for the mailing list on the Contact page of this site for an alert. You will get an email blast the night before and know to turn on notifications for the following day.

What forms of payment do you accept?
This store uses a Stripe checkout system, which accepts credit cards. Alternately, we can arrange for purchases over Paypal.

"Do you do local pick-ups for buyers in the Southern Ontario / Toronto area?
No. My stock is not located in Toronto and fulfillment is taken care of remotely, so it's often a hassle.

What currency do you charge in?
All transactions are in $USD / American dollars.

Do you charge tax?
If you're purchasing from an Canadian mailing address, yes (13%). I'm required by law to turn in taxes for recipient addresses in Canada, or face losing that money myself on each transaction come tax season.

If you're based in Toronto, Canada, why are you charging US dollars?
Squarespace does not allow for multiple currencies. The prices of the artwork and corresponding currency are what the market is used to, so that is what I charge. As of this writing, the Canadian dollar is not as highly valued as the American one, so if I were to charge in Canadian, I would need to up the price of the posters to match the same value. I started off on BigCartel in 2012 while I was living in Columbus, Ohio and to this day, the vast majority of my customer base (as well as clientele and suppliers) are American, so it's less of a headache for me to charge American dollars.

What is an "Open Edition"?
"Open Edition," prints are designs which are meant to be reprinted. They are signed and numbered by me, but are not "limited edition," so more folks can purchase them at affordable prices.

Can you send me an AP/particular number?
Due to the high number of orders that we process during print releases we can not accept print number requests, including AP requests. All customers will be served equally and prints will be dispersed in numerical sequence.

Do you restock Limited Edition (gig)posters that are Sold Out?
No. Many of these pieces are gig posters which were commissioned by clients and permitted only in the limited format of their original run. Check the aftermarket: Expressobeans, eBay, Rock Poster Frame, etc.

What happens if I buy more than one poster [that is limited to one per household]?
Depending on the case (and my schedule), I may send an email inquiry to see if there was some kind of mistake. Or I may just refund your order and ignore any of your follow-up emails. Neither are particularly efficient or positive, so please don't make me choose. Just respect the rules so the work gets to you promptly and I can focus on making more of it.

When do you ship?
Orders are shipped out once a week each Wednesday / every fifth business day.

How soon should I expect my package to arrive?
It is difficult to predict exact international delivery times due to customs regulations and delays in the individual countries. Please allow for up to a week for North American orders and two to three weeks for International orders from the next drop date (every Wednesday).

Tracking information policy?
The courier I use automatically generates tracking numbers for orders to the United States. For Canadian orders and International orders, tracking info is not provided unless specifically requested (an extra $10 for Canada or an extra $15 for International).

Do you do wholesale deals?
Not for limited posters, but email me if you have ideas. Maybe we can work something out.

How do you package the merchandise?
All posters are shipped in thick poster tubes and wrapped in Kraft Packing Paper for protection. Great care is taken to make sure every purchase arrives at its destination safe and sound.

My purchase was damaged, can I get a replacement?
If an item is damaged in transit, please send a photo of the defective item and resend your original email invoice to claim a replacement or work of equal value. Your purchase will be resent once shipping payment is received.

I moved/I gave you the wrong address...what happens now?
If your package is returned, it will be sent back to you at your corrected address once shipping payment is received again. If it isn't returned, please get in touch with whoever currently lives there and see if they can forward it to you.

I bought a print and it doesn't look exactly like what I saw on this site. How come?
All posters will appear slightly different than the online preview. Screen-printing is an imperfect science, so minor flaws of mis-registration and distribution or coloration of ink may appear because each poster was both designed and printed by the artist. Flaws and details make these prints unique works of art and are a beloved stylistic convention of the medium.

I purchased multiple items, but did so in more than one order...can you combine orders and partially refund my shipping?
No. doing this as a policy necessitates much more from the bookkeeping side of things and exacerbates the time it takes to deliver other orders.